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PSORIASIS - Most frustrating Skin Disease that has no cure........ but ......

By: M.SREEKUMAR(Author of this article, a Freelance Marketing Consultant was a Psoriasis Patient for seven years, who got it cured by using a Herbal Oil - EXTERNAL APPLICATION ONLY).
Psoriasis a very serious chronic disease of the skin, is still an illness without a cure and is suffered by millions of people all over the world.
Dr. Lawrence Miller, MD and adviser to the National Psoriasis Foundation and the National Institute of Health. USA says “when it comes to Psoriasis modern medicine is absolutely inadequate”

Psoriasis is a disease in which the skin cells run amok. Normally skin renews itself in about 30 days - that is the time it takes for a new skin cell to work its way from the innermost layer of skin to the surface. In Psoriasis, that cell reaches the top in just 3days, as if the body had lost its brakes. The result is raised areas of skin called plaques, which are red and often itchy. After the cells reach the surface they die like normal cells, but there are so many of them, -that the raised patches turn white with dead cell flaking off.
Psoriasis usually goes through cycle of flare-ups and remission with flare-ups most often occurring in winter, Some times it disappears for months or years. It can improve or worsen with age.
Amercian doctors, after extensive research confirmed that there is no cause for psoriasis and hence there is no cure. Dr. Philip Anderson.M.D. a Professor and Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, says that the most important thing is to accept the fact that you have Psoriasis and focus your attention on learning how to manage it and prevent it from getting serious. “Don’t waste energy fussing over every bumb” he says” that is not a good idea”.
American doctors have got the intellectual honesty to accept that there is no cure for Psoriasis in modern Medicine and they suggest that patients should experiment and device their own battle plan. However for mild type of Psoriasis, doctors suggest creams, lotion, U.V.B. Sunlamp, fish oil capsules etc.
Dr. Eugene Farber .M.D President of the Psoriasis Research Institute, points out “there is overwhelming evidence that stress can trigger Psoriasis.” Hence fish oil capsules containing the fatty acid EPA are prescribed. Dermatology and biochemistry Professor Dr. Vincent Zeboh, of the University of California, Davis, school of medicine is encouraged by what he has found. “About 60 percent of the people we studied responded well,” he reports. The area and thickness of the plaques decreased, as did redness and itching.

How I got it cured from psoriasis

I am aged 49 who have been suffering from psoriasis for the past 7 years. Being in the marketing field for more than 25 years, I had to undertake extensive tours all over India. I was affected with Psoriasis on the elbows in the year 1992. When I consulted a skin specialist he prescribed Becadexamin, Maxcepa, Liquid Paraffin, Ultravate MF cream, Psoronil oil etc. I met various skin specialists, who all prescribed as above and in some cases substituting creams like Dipsalic acid, Topinate cream. Due to excessive itching which led to lesion doctors prescribed Roxetomin, Cetel that gave me temporary relief.
When Allopathy failed, I tried Ayurveda and later on Homeo, Unani, Sidha and even Auto urine therapy and all these system of medicines could not contain Psoriasis. Ultimately I tried Nature cure under late C.R.R. Varma and accordingly took rest for 3 months and switched over to vegetarian diet as suggested by him. I would like to admit that Nature Cure gave me great relief.
When I immersed in business and started my busy tour schedule again, my condition worsened further and Psoriasis spread throughout my body from head to toe. When I went to bed I could not sleep properly due to excessive itching which led to further scaling of skin and lesion due to this I could not even walk properly.

I was really upset when I see my body in front of the full mirror and at times I cursed myself but I never lost hope. By gods grace, I did not lose my strong will power which I always maintained right from my childhood. But the mental agony and frustration when colleagues, family members and relatives stare and query at me, was most embarrassing experience which only Psoriasis patients will understand.
Even though I continued vegetarian diet and restrained from all intoxicants my condition worsened further. Thereafter I decided to gather as much details as possible from various quarters about Psoriasis and came to the conclusion that there is no suitable remedy for this dreaded disease.
I had the opportunity to go through various books on medicinal plants and on hearing that some Psoriasis patients prepared herbal oil using “Wrightia Tinctoria”, by themselves, I also made a herbal oil using “Wrightia Tinctoria. However this oil did not had any effect on my condition.

But it helped me to try various other combinations of different herbs and finally I had a vision and accordingly I prepared an oil which I applied all over my body including my head and face. (This has happened on 27th May 1999) I did not find any improvement for the first two weeks and later on I noticed that Skin was scaling rapidly. To my great surprise, within two months all the plaques disappeared from my body including my forehead and lower part of the chin. Subsequently I made 2 Litres of oil again with the same combination and applied and my condition improved further and now I am totally cured.

When I was cured completely, I wrote a letter to my Spiritual Master Sadguru Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba on 3rd August 1999 seeking his blessing. To my surprise, on 6th August, in the afternoon during my siesta hours, I had another vision in which I was asked by my Guru’ to ameliorate the sufferings of those Psoriasis Patients whomever I come across and that I should not take up any other assignment for my livelihood except this’.

To find out the efficacy of this oil on others, I gave it to four patients on 19th August, who all responded well. I became confident and in order to get patients I released the followings advertisement on 19th Sept. 1999 in ‘Mathrubhoomi’ a leading Daily paper in Kerala.


“Psoriasis of six years growth which spread throughout my body was treated and cured completely within 3 months using a Herbal oil (external application only). For guidance, contact: M. SREEKUMAR, OM SADAN, PAZHAVEEDU, ALAPPUZHA PH (0477-261967)”.
I gave oil to few patients who called on me in response to my advertisement, and they also confirmed that they are getting substantial improvement day by day. A patient who had Psoriasis on his palms also was cured. A Girl of 9 years who had Psoriasis from birth also got cured.

One of the patients who had Psoriasis with multiple plaques on both the knees and joints since 1989 got cured within seven months and he also got rid of his arthritis problem.
As on today (30 th Jan 2005), I have given my oil to 625 patients and 70% of them are responding very well. I have kept complete records of these 80 patients. Patients cure is fast if their Psoriasis growth is only one or two years old whereas it takes at least 6 to 12 months if the growth is six years or more. In fact, this was my own experience and the same is noticed among those patients who had come to me for treatment.

I was fortunate enough to associate with Dr.K.P.SREEKUMARI AMMA Rtd. Principal of Government Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, daughter of Late KALADY PARAMESWARAN PILLAI (a renowned Ayurvedic Physician, who was the Personal Physician to the then President of India - Dr S.Radhakrishnan) who has sent me some Psoriasis patients and most of them got complete cure by using this herbal oil.

In some of the patients it was observed that immediately after application of this oil, Psoriasis condition aggravated but it got subsided after one month. Therefore it is advisable that patients should not become panicky and should continue application of this oil.

Application of Herbal Oil

Patients should apply this oil on the affected parts and remain for about one hour either before bath or even after bath.
What I have noticed after sharing my experience with that of 600 Psoriasis patients is that all of them were taken for a ride by some unscrupulous medical practitioners promising that they can cure psoriasis. Some patients were given internal medicine continuously for 6 months, which aggravated the condition, and even their limbs became stiff and curved. This has happened even to a patient who took treatment from his own father, a traditional Sidha/Ayurveda Practitioner.

I strongly believe that Psoriasis patients should not take internal medicines continuously and instead they should lead a disciplined life by avoiding intoxicants and meat as well as all types of foodstuffs, which leads to constipation so that they will be able to contain Psoriasis to a certain extent.
Patients should also take bath in cold water at least twice in a day and if they feel itchy, they can put some salt in a bucketful of water and pour it over their body. After a minute or two they can towel. Most of the patients are getting relief by doing this.
Of course I am not an authority to pass a judgment like this but my observation is based on my own experience as a patient. Besides, after interacting with more than 600 Psoriasis patients during the past 7 years who have all undergone treatment under various systems of medicines, (some of them ranging from 15-20 years) has convinced me beyond any doubt about the futility of taking medicines internally.

Hence patients should be very careful and should not be carried away by wild promises given by certain Medical Practitioners. Before concluding this article, I would like to state categorically that Psoriasis is not at all a contagious disease and hence should co-operate with patients so that patients will not lose their morale.
I had discussions with Dr Paul Sinco a Practicing Doctor based at California who confirmed to me that since my Herbal Oil is found to be effective among the patients from tropical countries this will be effective for the patients from US, Russia and Europe also.
Recently i.e., on 24th may 2001, I have given herbal oil to an American lady who is suffering from psoriasis from 1994 and I will be able to see her progress as she is camping now in Kerala. I met this lady agai
n on 27th June and noticed that her Ps marks on her face were slowly disappearing and the black colour of the skin is also thinning. Please note that psoriasis is spreading through the world at an alarming rate and even in a small country like Sweden there are 2 lakhs psoriasis patients and this information I got it from the web site of The Swedish Psoriasis Association. (http://www.pso.se)

There are over 6 million people suffering from psoriasis in North America, and up to 2,50,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. Current systemic treatments for psoriasis have significant side effects, which may result in the discontinuation of the treatment. The overall cost of treating psoriasis in the U.S. is estimated at between US $3 to $5 billion per year.

PS: Relapse

I would like to record that I had a relapse of psoriasis after 1 year 3 months and this time the attack was severe.
I took up an assignment as Marketing Consultant with a Medical Transcription Company during September 2000 and I had to visit Hyderabad in the winter month of December for negotiating with a US team for Medical Transcription Project work.
Psoriasis developed on the Elbows and Knees from November onwards and while I was in Hyderabad, Psoriasis developed on both my legs, which spread gradually throughout my body including my forehead and behind the ears. I could not even walk properly and I found it very difficult to bend my Elbows and Joints.
Infact I was not applying Herbal Oil by remaining for about one hour, which was my practise during my earlier period that is, June 2000 and in between I, took non-vegetarian food also.

However, with the relapse which came in the winter, I started using my Herbal Oil regularly and as usual nothing happened for the first one month but after one month scaling started rapidly, plaques were softened and now I am on the road to complete recovery. I have taken my photographs on 7th February 2001, 2ndApril 2001 and 1st June 2001 for my record (Please Click Here For The Progress Photos).

I had relapse again during the summer season from March 2002 onwards which subsided completely on application of this oil, by July 2002.
I would like to record that I did not have relapse again as on date that is 3rd November 2003 as I have been applying oil continuously as advised by my Consulting Physician Dr. K.P. Sreekumari Amma.
I am quite convinced beyond any doubt as per my own experience the efficacy of my Herbal Oil for the treatment of Psoriasis.
As on date (9th April 2001) 80patients have undergone treatment using my Herbal Oil and 80% of them are getting relief.

Regarding clinical Trial

Dr. Nandini Nair, one of the leading Dermatologists of various hospitals in Ernakulam, started conducting Clinical Trial with her patients from march 2000 onwards and I will get her report with photographs shortly.

Uniqueness of my Herbal Oil

This oil is not Made out of “VETPALA” (Wrightia Tinctoria). As pointed out earlier I got the combination of Herbal in a vision and infact I was also instructed to chant a special mantra while preparing the oil. This unique combination cannot be seen in the famous Ayurvedic book ‘Ashttanga Hridaya’ which is considered as the Bible by the Ayurvedic Physicans.
This oil has got a pleasant smell and it is non sticky and it absorbs in the body in notime.Clinical trials shows that it is quite effective in controlling all types of Psoriasis such as Plaque psoriasis, Scalp psoriasis, Nail psoriasis, Guttate psoriasis, Inverse psoriasis, Psoroatic arthritis etc.

Updated facts

As on date (26 th January 2005) 525 patients have undergone treatment with this Unique oil and success rate noticed is 70%. 25% had relapse and got relief after application of the oil again. It is pertinent to point out that patients do not develop immunity by the repeat use of this oil during relapses and they are getting relief and complete cure within six months period.
Interestingly this oil is also found to be very effective in controlling vitiligo and full result with photographs will come out only after one more year as vitiligo patients will have to apply oil for two years for them to get cure.